November 2, 2017

Virtual Healthcare Solutions – The Future of Healthcare

Virtual Healthcare Solutions… Why is it the future of healthcare?

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The American Healthcare system is under siege and faces some huge challenges in the future. There has to be a coordinated effort on all levels to ensure high-quality healthcare for everyone despite the ever changing landscape. Consumers have to become more vigilant with regards to their own wellness and be open to ways they can take control of the obstacles impeding their healthcare experience including time away from work, travel costs and expense, and long wait times.

Virtual Healthcare Solutions identified the need for a new paradigm within the healthcare platform and began seeking out creative options including innovative products and services to stabilize skyrocketing costs as well as necessary checks and balances for current programs including Medicare. Understanding that it is more than the presentation of new strategies or technologies, VHS is committed to education as part of implementation to increase utilization and success of programs. VHS recognizes when individuals are able to integrate their own healthcare with their lifestyles, they become empowered to manage their situations more effectively becoming more engaged in the management of their conditions.

In June 2017, VHS partnered with an established company offering a unique way for businesses and individuals to access healthcare with or without traditional insurance. This partnership allowed VHS to empower its sales force of mostly non-traditional benefits consultants with a new set of tools that could bridge the gap between affordability and access for millions of members by providing packages including some or all of the following….

*Pharmacy Discounts
*Health Advocate Solutions
*Health Advocacy
*Medical Bill SAver
*Worklife Services
*Diabetic Supplies
*MRI & CT Scans
*Global Travel Assistance

For a low monthly subscription with NO contract, NO pre-existing conditions, NO waiting periods!

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About Susan

Susan joined VHS as the Arizona Benefits Consultant to educate and empower individuals to take an active role in their own health and wealth. She has been instrumental in growing the VHS platform to include work with nonprofit organizations to create a residual income for them to further their causes.